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For Athletes: Still sore from last weeks crossfit class? Come in for a session to get a challenging but less intense workout.

For Former Athletes: Notice yourself losing energy, gaining pounds and not moving like you used to? We get it! HealHop can get you back into the fitness routine you need to look and feel your best.

For Professionals: Success requires discipline and composure under pressure. Too much stress is bad for your health as well as your productivity. We can help you stay calm and focused while achieving your goals.

For Artists: A clear mind makes for a better imagination. Explore your creativity and discover your truth!

For Couples:  You don’t like her gym. She doesn’t like yours.  Finally, a workout you can both enjoy together!

For Anyone: Bad break up? Tough day at the office? Just plain bored? Come on in and see if we can lift your spirits. You deserve it!


HealHop Rowing was developed as an alternative wellness practice after I received a sudden diagnosis in 2014. Skeptical of the doctors prescriptions, I decided to take my health into my own hands. Changes to my lifestyle and diet had symptoms subsiding within a few months. Health became my priority and I set the foundation needed for a healthy life. I felt the connection between mind and body and I envisioned a system to help realize its potential. I explored ancient forms of healing and the philosophies behind them. Advancements in technology have many in the scientific and medical communities supporting the claims that these practices can have a significant effect on our health. We are living in exciting times. I hope HealHop Rowing can harness the energy of a connected world to better the lives of its citizens. Join us in turning this dream into a reality.