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HealHop Rowing is the integration of exercise and meditation.

The Motion of Rowing: Catch. Drive. Finish. Recover. This low impact, repetitive motion is easy to master no matter your age, weight or athletic ability. Each “stroke” on the Concept 2 indoor rower will work nearly every muscle group in the body, while increasing mobility, blood circulation and lung function. Generate power from your legs. Transfer that energy to your torso, back and arms. Stay disciplined on the timing of this sequence. We encourage you to push yourself for a challenging workout while understanding that more important than calories burned or distance rowed, is a proper form and steady pace. This machine allows us to set and keep the pace that is most appropriate for you. It is this pace and repetition that can assist in reaching a meditative state, which for many can be difficult to achieve.

Meditation: Trendy buzzword or a worthwhile practice? If you haven’t decided already, maybe it is time to find out. The basic goal is to calm the mind. The methods vary. Some require stillness. HealHop, like techniques of Tai Chi and QiGong, involve movement. Master the rowing motion while observing your thoughts without judgement. Detaching yourself from things you cannot control. Doing this can impact the mind and body to promote stress reduction and improvements in self control, awareness, memory and mental clarity. Set an intention and use these results to improve your life. We do not guarantee a life of zen and tranquility. We offer a technique to help you get there.

HealHop Music and Sound: Music is often used to lift our spirits and better our mood. While this is important, are we using the power of sound to its full potential? Ancient cultures have used frequencies produced by instruments such as gongs, bowls, chimes, tuning forks, hangs and rain sticks as tools for healing. Consider the sound waves acting as massage therapy for your brain. Unfortunately, these are not the sound waves we typically receive from the radio or television. Thanks to the internet, the access to free and unlimited music lets us discover a variety music like never before. When classic jazz and hip hop rhythms are merged with the healing vibrations of natural medicine, how can it effect our thoughts and experience?